The average computer user that is hooked up to the Internet doesn’t really understand what creates the speed that they are able to use the Internet with. They do know that they want the best speed possible.

What is Internet speed?
Speed of the Internet entails just how quickly content can be retrieved from the world wide web and appear on the device that is looking for it, such as the computer or smart phone, for example. The speed for doing this is measured in what is called megabits.

In many cases most users of the Internet have gone with what is commonly advertised as high speed Internet connection. This is also known as broadband the speed with this type of connection is determined by download speeds. Down loading means when the information that you are looking for is to transferred from the source via the Internet to your computer. The download speed for doing this should be no less than 768 kbps. It is also determined by the upload speeds should be a minimum of 200 Kbps. Up l oading means the speed in which data is transferred from your computer to another source on the Internet

What Affects Internet Speed?
There are different factors that can come into play that can affect the speed of the Internet that one is experiencing on their computer. These include…

The Type of Connection Being Used
Different Internet service providers will use a different forms of connection these can vary in the way that they are able to deliver speed some of these connections are comprised of …

  • 3G wireless
  • 4G wireless
  • Mobile
  • Dial-up
  • Hotspots
  • Broadband
  • DSL
  • Cable
  • Satellite
  • Along with several others.

Limited Use
Sometimes the use of the Internet can be limited by capping off certain features of it. Users may be limited to being able to download or upload for example, or even for streaming data. There are some sites that have such a high volume of traffic coming into it that a user going to that site will experience a slow connection.

The Equipment
Quite often one of the problems that arise with slow speed can be the equipment that is being used such as the computer or one of the other devices. It may be that the system that operates these devices can not meet the requirements at that are needed for the Internet service.

Speeds are often dependent on the configuration of the devices.

It is not uncommon for the average household to have several different devices such as a desktop computer and perhaps a laptop or other type of device running at the same time, all of which also can affect the speed. Being able to use multiple devices with good speed is important.

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