The internet is among the biggest resources we have today. It is one of the facilitators of globalisation. The internet has also improved all areas of life, including offering employment opportunities for millions of people worldwide.

But then, just like the two sides of the same coin, the internet is a double-edged sword. Alongside the many benefits, it leaves a trail of destruction. In this article, find some of the evils that have been sponsored by the internet.

Internet Addiction

The first problem associated with the internet is internet addiction (IA), and internet gaming disorder (IGD). These are conditions where people are hooked to surfing the internet of playing games. According to statistics, 6% of the global population is addicted to the internet.


The internet has also facilitated cybersex, also known as pornography. Statistics show that 35% of internet downloads are pornographic material. Considering the effects of pornography on society, the internet is, indeed a double-edged sword. Pornography often leads to unsafe sexual practices and sexual abuse. It also alters sexual expectations.

Gambling Addiction

Another vice that the internet has contributed to is online gambling addiction. At least, with traditional brick & mortar gambling, several factors help problem gamblers retrain their gambling. But with the convenience and flexibility of online casinos, more and more people are sinking into compulsive gambling. In the end, this addiction can cause socioeconomic problems.

Black Market

While eCommerce is a very good thing, it has also led to the cropping up of online black markets where many vices go on. The black market is where contraband, for example, drugs and illegal weapons are sold. It is basically a hub for all the evils.

Indeed, the internet is such a good thing, but it is evident that it poses serious risks without moderation.

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