There is a great deal of information and content on the Internet. The major search engines play a big role in indexing this information. They also attempt to dictate some rules pertaining to content in respect to how they will index it.

The government however is considering setting new rules and regulations to regulate the Internet. One of the main stream purposes of doing this would be so the UK government could put a stop to children having access to bad material like pornography.

What the rules will entail is being able to stop people as to what they can say in their content. There are arguments being created against this, classing this as being a form of censorship.

One of the sectors that appears to being targeted is the social media companies that will be required to pay a tax. The money collected from this will then be turned into the improvements the government is implicating for the Internet.

Also, there will be the requirement for codes of conduct but this will be a request and not a law as it pertains to the social media entities.

These are just a few of the possibilities as there could be even further regulation in the future. There is going to be a fine line drawn between the freedom of the Internet and control,and no doubt there are going to be all lot of challenges along the way for the government to come up with a viable plan with the intent of regulation.

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