There are many homes and businesses throughout the UK that depend on the use of the Internet for many different purposes. Yet what is startling is that there are over 1.1 million businesses and residents that are still not able to enjoy a fast Internet connection. For these individuals that want and need to use the Internet slow speed is a real source of frustration.

One of the fastest ways of being able to provide fast speed for the Internet is through the use of fiber-optics. Unfortunately in Britain they are way behind in being able to offer this service.

With this becoming a such a important matter it has been determined that the homes and businesses in Britain that are suffering from this current lack of speed will actually have the right to demand high speed broadband in the future. This is expected to take place by 2020 as the government is intending on imposing these new regulations.

This is particularly good news for those businesses that are in the situation of having to deal with slow speed at the moment. It puts them at a disadvantage when doing on line business compared to competitors that are not suffering with this problem.

One of the challenges of being able to supply everyone with the high speed broadband is that some regions of Britain are hard to reach. However, the service providers are intent on finding the solution for this

One of the concerns is that at what cost will this be? However, the government is promising to ensure that the access will not only be high-speed but will also be affordable which is important to many.

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