There is no doubt that those in the UK have as much passion for making use of the Internet as many other countries do. This is such an important piece of technology that there are actually statistics compiled as to the use of it.

One may wonder why it would be important enough to track data about its use. The answer to this is part due to the major role that the internet plays in the economy. Then there is the many different ways that it is used as a resource. On top of this it now plays a critical role in socializing. One of the drawbacks when it comes to some parts of the UK is that not everyone is getting good access to high speed internet. This is being addressed by the government.

The statistics are important for businesses as it helps then determine the number of households and individuals that access the internet. Companies can use this information to help identify their target markets. The statistics can show what the internet is being use the most for, and what is trending. It can show increases and declines. All of this is important information.

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