Although the internet is a great resource on many different levels there are concerns that come with using it. The major one being security. Security for the internet has to be considered on many different levels.

Personal internet users have a real concern about their computers being breached and important information being stolen. Then they worry about sites that they provide personal information to may be hacked.

What is adding to the heightened concerns that are being seen now are some other factors. It used to be that it was thought that hackers were a rare breed and had to be well trained and experienced to be able to hack on the internet. Now it is indicated that teenagers with limited knowledge have the same capabilities. Added to this are the concerns of how some other countries may be using the internet to affect the stability of other countries.

In many cases the concerns that people have about internet security are valid. However, this awareness can be a good things because more people are being vigilant about the way they use their computer and are taking greater steps to tend to their own security needs.

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