Whether you’d love to work as a media manager, webmaster, or simply want to share great content on your social channels, here, you’ll find some tips to get you started.

Why Interesting Media Content is So Important

There is so much information coming from websites, news sites, and social platforms! That’s why it is crucial to learn how to produce original and exciting media content.

The essential tools of the trade are a good camera (but if you own a last generation smartphone, you can try using the mobile’s camera), a microphone (in case you want to record voice-overs), and some dedicated software.

Once you have captured the pictures or a video, just upload it into the software. Here, you will be able to perform all the editing that you need. Choose software that offers a good balance between ease of use and performance.

When you’re happy with your production, you can export it. The content is now ready to be uploaded on the internet.

Pictures or Videos?

There’s no one-way answer. It undoubtedly depends on many factors, such as your audience, the type of message you want to convey, and the website or social media platform where you will place your media content.

If you decide to use video, keep in mind that there are some specific requirements (length, format) that need to be met to publish your content on platforms such as YouTube or Instagram.

Keep in mind that, on YouTube, videos that are longer than two minutes are ranked better and, therefore, usually receive more views than shorter ones.

Don’t forget to complement your video with some royalty free music, that will help to make your production stand out even more. In fact, many press agencies create content simply by using a slide show, lettering, and music.

Have Fun and Be Creative

There are actually many ways to boost your creativity. You can find inspiration in your favorite movies or books, or even in nature. Many creative workers just walk outside and observe the world, trying to find new perspectives, looking at colors, shapes, and listening to sounds.

If you think that your media content is exciting and appealing, there’s a good chance that other people will do so too, and your message will get through.

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