Where would we be without the internet? It has become such an integral part of people’s lives that it is estimated that over a third of the world’s population is online at any given time. People use the internet for socializing, finding and sharing information, remote working, education, entertainment, managing finances, business, and for making bookings for your favorite shows and restaurants. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a driver for increased use of the internet. However, long term overuse of screened digital devices can cause a number of health problems.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Many physical and mental health problems are associated with the overuse of the internet including computer vision syndrome. The eyes may become sore, dry, itchy, tired, dry or watery, and also result in blurred vision and headaches. Many of these problems can be alleviated by taking certain actions. These include looking away from the screen regularly and focusing on something about 20 feet away, viewing the screen at eye level and arm’s length, enlarging the text, using anti-glare filters, and blinking more often to prevent dry eye. Skincare products such as a retinol eye serum can help rejuvenate the appearance of eyes.

Retinol Eye Serum

A retinol eye serum, such as Verso Super Eye Serum, works so much better than ordinary retinol moisturizers as it contains Retinol 8. This makes it eight times more effective and yet more gentler on the sensitive skin under the eyes. Just a very small amount of retinol eye serum, applied underneath the eyes, nourishes the skin and reduces the signs of aging. The other vital ingredients in the serum, peptides, will minimize eye puffiness and brighten those dark eye circles.

Other Health Problems

Apart from eye problems, prolonged, intense use of a computer can cause other physical and mental health problems such as bad posture, obesity, stress and depression. Unless people sit on ergonomically-designed office chairs, the chances are that they will develop a bad posture when they are on the computer. This leads to musculoskeletal strains particularly of the neck, shoulders, lower back and wrists. Obesity, with all its health issues, can also occur because of the lack of physical movement. People’s mental health may suffer, especially young adults, as they may become isolated and unable to cope in face-to-face social situations.

The Good News

The good news is that these health problems can be prevented or alleviated by taking daily physical exercise. This exercise doesn’t have to be a rigorous workout at the gym (unless you like that), it can be as simple as a 15-30 minute walk in the fresh air. Regular exercise will help with muscular pain and also help to reduce obesity. Physical activity also releases endorphins (the feel good factor) that improves people’s moods and helps to lessen stress.

Computers and the internet have become an inevitable part of life and intertwined with our daily existence. Their long term overuse can cause a range of health issues that fortunately can be overcome by taking certain actions and regular exercise. Whilst retinol eye serum may not solve digital eye problems, it will make eyes look and feel a whole lot better.

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