Working spaces can get incredibly busy. The advent of digital communication, for instance, has injected some breath of fresh air into business operations.

In recent years, much emphasis has been placed on the significance of the internet on business operations. However, increasingly, businesses rely on the intranet from to foster productivity. That said, here are some gains realised from establishing a robust internet and intranet connection.

  • Promotes easy data access. Most organisations work with multiple files. Having an organisation intranet makes data access and retrieval easy and fast, enhancing employee productivity.
  • Enhances communication among employees. The intranet lets all employees connect to the network, discover their colleagues and exchange correspondence. This fosters increased collaboration needed for optimal productivity.
  • Reduces operation costs. The intranet, unlike the internet, gives employees the latitude to access data via their browsers rather than maintaining physical forms. This saves the business on printing and duplicating documents and other related overheads.


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