You will agree with me that the Internet has changed every field. This is including medicine which was once seen as a rigid field that would remain traditional. Today, medicine is one of the areas that have been greatly influenced by the Internet. While it may have fully benefited medicine as a field, its impact on the doctor-patient relationship is two-sided.

Today, we want to look at the major areas where the Internet has defined the doctor-patient relationship.

In the past, before the coming on the Internet age, most of the medical information was in books and may be established, practitioners. But today, this information is out there in online medical directories and websites, as well as databases. Patients can find whatever information they need by just searching on the web.

But now that the internet is open to everyone, and it’s really hard to restrict access, the role of the internet has been put to criticism. The reason is that patients are now opting to skip visiting the doctor and often, they misdiagnose themselves.

Even though the Internet can be seen as a vice in the medical field because of the medical information that is out there, it has a related positive side. Right now, it is possible to book an online appointment with a doctor who will give you the same attention you’d have got by visiting their clinics. This is far much better than patients relying on the information they get on the Internet and self medicate as a result.

Right now, Kry online based medical consultation company : enables you to remotely consult a doctor who will evaluate you via a video call and prescribe the medication. This is an excellent way that will save you the hassles of driving to the doctor for something that can be diagnosed without physical examination.

Some chronic illnesses require very close monitoring. But then, the patients are not in such a bad state in that they can stay at home but have a doctor come and check them regularly. With the busy schedule and demanding work program, having a doctor check in your house can be quite expensive, if there are doctors who still do so.

Today, we have computer-based home-monitoring systems, which through the internet, enable doctors to monitor the patient’s health remotely. Even though it may be expensive, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is very efficient and makes patient monitoring easy for doctors.

Indeed, the Internet has changed the medical scene, especially the doctor-patient relationship. While it may have had an adverse impact now that patients diagnose themselves, at least it has made online medical support easier. You can book an appointment with the doctor or even have your health monitored without your doctor having to come over. If well regulated, the Internet is going to revolutionize the medical field, not only in patient monitoring but also service delivery.

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